Your Name
Child's Name
Which of the following details have you given to the school?
Your Name
Your Address
Your Landline Telephone
Your Mobile Telephone
Your Email Address
Emergency Contact Number
Intermediary Contact
If you haven't sent up to date details please do so. We need to keep channels of communication open.
  Information from School 
Do you get to see all the information that travels from school?
    I don't know but would like to
Please give details of information you do receive
Please list any information you would like to receive
Do you receive information directly from the school yourself?
Do you receive school photos?
  Involvement - School 
Do you receive any direct contact from the school? eg telephone calls/texts
Do you attend parents' evenings/review days?
Are you consulted/informed about your child's health at school?
Are you able to monitor your child's progress and support homework tasks?
  Further Involvement 
Would you like to meet?
    Your child's Class Teachers
    Your child's Head of Year
    The Head Teacher
Which of the following would you be interested in attending?
Events for Fathers (e.g. "Fathers at work week"/breakfast special)
Events for Mothers (e.g. "Mothers at work week"/breakfast special)
Family Events (e.g. Sports Day, Assembly, Fund Raising, Sports Events, Fetes, Galas)
Parent / teacher evenings
Parents' Forum
Open days
Have you been invited into the school to volunteer? / Would you be interested in volunteering?
On the Parents' Forum
In your child's classroom
In other classrooms
On school trips
Doing DIY
Do you have skills you would like to show to the students?
Would you like to talk to other mothers/fathers/cares and discuss ways in which you can become more involved in your child's education? (A Dfes 2003 paper expresses the importance of child/parent engagement in Education)
  Help us to understand your needs better 
Do you feel there are any barriers preventing you from getting involved with your child's education or receiving information from the school?
If yes to the above please explain..........
Are you satisfied that you are kept fully informed about your child's interests and progress at school?
If no to the above please explain..........
Finally did you know that Mothers automatically have "Parental Responsibility" but Fathers only if
    They are, or have been married to their child's mother
    If unmarried they have a Parental Responsibility Agreement or a Parent Responsibility Order
    If unmarried their name is on the Birth Certificate AND their child was born on or after December 2003
Thank you for responding to this suvey. We endeavour to make school the best experience for all.
For further information we have "Signposted" the following organisations which we hope will stimulate your further interest. It is by no means definitive but we hope it will enable you to find more ways of enriching your participation in your child's educational experience.
Fatherhood Institute (The U.K.'s fatherhood think-tank)
Families Need Fathers (The UK's leading Shared Parenting charity)
Family and Parenting Institute (Building a family friendly society)
JUMP (Campaigning for improved relationships between divorced parents and their children)
Family Rights Movement (A forum of groups to promote consensual opinion on Family Rights)
MATCH (Mothers apart from their children)(Non-judgmental support and information for Mothers)

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